Advice for Graduating College Students Looking for Work

Gracie Barrera, UFCU Corporate Recruiter, appeared on KXAN's Studio 512 to offer tips for graduating college students looking for a job.


Graduating from college is a great accomplishment; it is the result of years of hard work and dedication. The next step is to find a job where you can utilize what you’ve learned and will launch your career success.

Prepare resume and create a LinkedIn profile

Create a job search plan:

  • Start by building a schedule for the week that includes how many hours you will focus on researching jobs.
  • Make a goal of how many calls, visits and applications you will do each week.
  • Make a list of companies that you want to work for and research entry-level jobs in your field.

You need to be organized and strategic about your job search and having a plan will keep you on task.

Leverage your schools career service office and attend campus career fairs:

  • Start your job search early and look for all opportunities in your field that can turn into full time employment after graduation.
  • Visit your career service office to see what jobs are available in your field.
  • Attend campus career fairs to talk to recruiters and learn about requirements or qualifications.
  • Ask questions about career paths and learn about entry level roles or internships that will give you an entrance to your field.

Join professional development or industry specific groups

Start building your network early by joining groups, associations or organizations in your field of study. This will help you start networking with people who are already working in those areas. Associations sponsor numerous events throughout the year that allow you to connect with your peers, meet successful professional from the field and provide skill building seminars.

Keep an open mind and don’t be discouraged.