Employee Stories


Providing the Highest Level of Service

When Tim D was looking for employment, he wanted more than a job. He prioritized a collaborative environment where he would find support. A Member of UFCU since childhood, Tim decided in 2013 to go to work where he banks.

Tim describes his years at UFCU thus far as a time of personal and professional growth, and he is grateful to the leadership at UFCU. “One thing that stands out to me is the degree to which the leadership team fosters an environment that supports the growth and development as well as the well-being of each individual contributor,” says Tim.

Tim believes this level of care fosters a collaborative environment where everyone goes out of their way to support each other. Beyond that, he appreciates the consistent openness to feedback. “It’s not only encouraged, but acted upon in meaningful ways,” Tim explains. “It is in this atmosphere that we are excited to provide the highest level of service to each other, our Members, and the community. I am proud to work for an organization that truly cares so much. UFCU has been an inspiring place to work. I’ve been an employee since 2013 and a Member since I was in the third grade! I will be a Member for life.”

Employee Timothy D
Employee Since 2013
Title Product/Channel Analyst