COVID-19 Resource Center

Financial Relief Skip a Payment Request

If you have been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and would like to skip a payment on your auto, RV, boat, or personal loan, please complete this form. When you skip your payment, you are reported as current to Consumer Reporting Agencies during the term of the Skip A Pay. If you elected Debt Cancellation for your loan, please submit this form, then call (512) 467-8080 and speak with a representative to determine if you qualify for additional payment relief.

To skip a credit card payment, please call us at (512) 467-8080.

To skip a mortgage loan payment, please call (800) 240-4214, (800) 262-6574, or email .

By submitting this form, I authorize UFCU to skip my loan and/or credit card payment for a one month term. I understand that interest will continue to accrue during this time, and no penalty will be imposed for making payments prior to the skipped due date. Additionally, my Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage, if applicable, may not cover the payments that were skipped.